Designer: Muzi Li & Jue Wang

When I was back home every winter break, the bad feeling of smog was strengthened. It not only made me sick, but made me worry a lot about my parents's health. Now Chinese are suffering from the consequence of air pollution. We  focus on our economic interest. Even though we used to talk about protecting our environment, we ignore the importance of a good environment. Actually smog did not just happened in China. So far I know iIt also happens in England, America and India. There are more people do not know what the feeling of walking in the smog but smog may happen in tomorrow. We want to deliver the feeling of breathing dirt air. Our goal of my final project is aim to tell people who are breathing fresh air to cherish your blue sky.

Color pallete


Smog looks grey and shapeless. We are thinking how to express its dirt look and irritating smell.  Most of smog is from burning of mineral fuel. Thus, We choose warm color to make smog look like fire. We make it dirt and express stressful feeling by controlling texture of smog. I remember the first time when I saw the smog outside of window. I felt I was in nightmare, and it looked like the scene of Silent Hill. We was inspired by Salvador Dalí's painting The Persistence of Memory.  We try to make the whole process look a little surrealistic but I want to make a connection with our life. I use some photo to make audience realize smog is happening in our world.